We’ll create a tailored plan based on a review which outlines how to launch your assault on the international markets if you’re new to exporting, or how to maximise your exporting potential if you’re already doing it.Business mentoring can be undertaken on regular meetings to suit your needs from financials, to business and product development and, most importantly, on how to manage growth.

Visa and Travel to Russia

It’s what we’re expert at! Working with travel agent The Russia House, we can help you:

Exporting to Russia:

  • Learn how to sell into the very profitable Russian market
  • Understanding the market, the regions and the sectors
  • Get paid in advance
  • Know the certification required
  • Understand the culture of doing business

International PR and marketing

We work closely with established PR agency Orange Juice Communication to gain international exposure for your business through press coverage, newsletters and social media.Our Marketing Consulting services include marketing strategy development for brands, products & services for consumers and business-to-business marketing. Marketing planning or sales objectives are set mutually with the client and then marketing plan is developed. Implementation of the plan and marketing performance evaluation is the next step in order to monitor that all goals set have been achieved.

Internationalising your website

Internationalising your website Learn about website internationalisation and use the best search engine optimisation in the appropriate foreign languagesHarness the power of social media, know the appropriate cultures and language skills and then use eCommerce to get export orders.

Global research and market entry

Global research and market entry Finding new markets for your products or services isn’t easy so using our specialist knowledge save time and money.We’ll undertake the global research and will understand how to approach the specific market(s), and how to build a market entry strategy.You will need to understand all the risks involved from political to currency fluctuation and the best route to marketDue diligence is key for each market which we’ll undertake.

Multinational and aid agencies

aidagencies More than 1.5 billion people in the world will lack or are without electricity, 900 million are in Asia.Every year $150 billion is spent on aid and development for all developing Countries through all the different aid agencies.Whether a product or offering a service or a consultant, we’ll undertake an assessment and guide your business through the many multinationals, aid agencies and international financial institutions throughout the globe to find the hundreds of thousands of business opportunities.

Sales representation

Sales Representation Use us for all your global sales representation and gain new business through our network.
We offer a commission service to selected clients, where we sell your product or service for you for a small fee.

Freight forwarding

Alongside our freight partners Synergy in Trade, we offer the expertise to ship your goods globally, getting paid and working through confirmed letters of credit and access to routes for funding.